About Us

Moda Week International, founded in 2009, is a luxury fashion production platform company which produces unique and haute couture fashion designer shows around the world.

The company has stations positioned globally to promote the best zeitgeist of various fashion international cultures. We strive to promote the finest craftsmanship and determined ambition of today’s most respected haute couture designs. The company is an inspiration to others and is undeniably at the forefront of haute couture promotion and runway production. With great pride, only the finest designers from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds and countries are selected for our events and productions.

We strive to promote the finest craftsmanship
and determined ambition of today’s most respected
haute couture designers.

An association with Moda Week International is an association with gold standard production and clientele. We provide a platform for sponsorship, investors, and their respective companies to access media opportunities across the globe. Haute couture runway productions and accompanying fine art exhibitions, attract national and international audiences, VIP and high-end fashion consumers. Our clientele also have the opportunity to interact with professional fashion designers, fine artists and the best the world has to offer in luxury crafts people. In association with Moda Week International by local, nationwide, and international media outlets and our dedication to haute couture runway productions is accompanied by a strong commitment to our local communities. Moda Week International also provides a platform for the future of haute couture and is faithful to fostering the development of next-generation fashion artists.


The philosophy is to provide opportunities to enrich the educational experience for students of fashion and art. Our mission is to offer aspiring fashion design students the opportunity of a lifetime – a chance to work and showcase their collection in our haute couture fashion show. Our student program recognizes the importance of education and will provide the support for a college education focused in fashion. Your support will allow us to grant a performance along with invaluable real world experience that will help to propel deserving students into a successful career.

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