Moda Week International (MWINTL), founded in 2009, is an international company based out of the United States that is dedicated to producing Haute Couture, prêt-à-porter and finest performances luxury fashion show events. The company has offices positioned globally to promote the best of various international fashion cultures. MWINTL strives to promote the finest craftsmanship and determined ambition of today’s most respected fashion designers and fine artists from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds and countries.

MWINTL showcases the finest clothing collections in our fashion show runway events with accompanying fine art exhibitions and performances. Our events attract national and international audiences and high-end consumers as well as provide a platform for sponsors, investors, and local companies to access marketing opportunities across the globe. Moda Week International is a company with a gold standard for production and a strong commitment to our clients, customers, and local communities.

MWINTL is also committed to fostering the development of the next generation of fashion designers and artists by providing a chance for them to work alongside proven professionals as well as to showcase their collections in our World Class Fashion Show Events. Our events are an impeccable platform where fashion, music, and fine art exist as one in a family friendly environment.

On behalf the Moda Week International production team, our special thanks for your continued support!